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Child Guidance Center remains open to serve the mental health needs of the families of Duval County during the COVID crisis. Our operations may have changed, but we haven’t! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if we may be of service to you and your children. Our (904) 448-4700 number is monitored throughout every week day. Our mobile crisis team is responsive 24/7 for mental health crisis situations. (904) 982-4911. Please stay safe and contact us, (904) 448-4700, if you need us.

Have a Great Day

“Have A Great Day!”is one way of telling your child that you hope their day will be a good one.  Helping your child go and have that good day begins at home.  They will carry your attitude into the classroom.

Other suggestions:

  • Smile at your child – it can’t hurt!
  • Find something to praise them for – it will start the ‘positive’ ball rolling
  • “You look great in that shirt”
    “Thanks for getting dressed on time”

  • Encourage them to eat something good for breakfast. Remember that protein is brain food.
  • Reinforce your belief in their abilities by telling them so.
  • “I know you’ll do well on that spelling test”.

  • Let your child know that you love them every day.
  • Give them a hug
    Blow them a kiss
    Pat their back
    Just tell them
    Give them praise
    Spend time with them
    Enjoy their sense of humor

    By helping your child to have a positive outlook on their day, your day will start off better too. So … HAVE A GREAT DAY!

    By: Jane Chafin, LCSW, ACSW
    Clinical Director