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Child Guidance Center remains open to serve the mental health needs of the families of Duval County during the COVID crisis. Our operations may have changed, but we haven’t! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if we may be of service to you and your children. Our (904) 448-4700 number is monitored throughout every week day. Our mobile crisis team is responsive 24/7 for mental health crisis situations. (904) 982-4911. Please stay safe and contact us, (904) 448-4700, if you need us.

Nurturing Families

Children grow to become more happy and confident adults when their families strive to be nurturing. Some of the characteristics of a nurturing family are where:

  • People are listened to.
  • People have relaxed faces and bodies.
  • People look at each other.
  • Respect is shown for all members of the family by each other.
  • People touch each other and show affection.
  • Members can get angry without hurting each other and without leaving each other.
  • Parents are leaders and teachers rather than bosses.
  • Parents behave the way they want their children to act.
  • Parents correct their children without hurting them.
  • Children are led firmly, but taught gently.
  • Children are valued.
  • Topics of all kinds are discussed openly and honestly.
  • People can try new things and even make mistakes.
  • Parents and children share activities and time together.
  • Parents share their value system with their children every day.

Jane M. Chafin, LCSW, ACSW
Clinical Director